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Xiengkhouang Province < < Back

Location: A northeastern province sharing a border with Vietnam

Natural Protected Areas: none

Proposed World Heritage Site: Plain of Jars (nomination dossier under preparation)

Ethnic Groups: Hmong, Tai Puan, Khamu, Tai Dam

Ecotourism Attractions: Xieng Khouang is best known for the Plain of Jars, hundreds of
giant stone megaliths from 1 – 3 meters tall scattered throughout the province in groups
of up to 300 jars. Local legend states that the jars were used to make an alcoholic brew
to celebrate the victorious military campaign of an ancient king, but archaeological evidence suggests that the jars were associated with funerary practices of a Bronze Age people that inhabited the area around 2,000 – 2,500 years ago.

The area is also know for the intense aerial bombardmen it suffered during the Indochina War, and several bomb craters and war scrap are still visible today. It is recommended that you visit the jars with the assistance of a local guide.

Xieng Khouang’s landscape is unique, with its high elevation, rolling hills, expansive
grasslands and plains. The open, flat landscape is ideal for exploring by bicycle.

There is a new one-day hike to a multi-level waterfall, Tad Kae. Hire a guide from Ban Ta
Joke village to ensure that local villagers benefit from your trip.

The province is also known for its ethnic Hmong population and is an excellent place to
visit during Hmong New year, which usually falls in December.

Do-it-Yourself Tours around town
Trekking in Xieng Khouang


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