Some of the best weavers come from the Tai ethnic groups in Houaphan Province . If you are planning a visit to Luang Prabang and are interested in weaving, don't miss Ban Phanom or the night market in the center of town. While trekking or participating in other community-based ecotourism activities, be sure to ask to see what local crafts are available for sale in the villages you visit. If you are unable to make it out to the villages, there are handicraft outlets in almost every provincial capital selling distinct local products.

Below is a list of various handicrafts, handicraft villages and private galleries found throughout the country.

Attapeu Province

Pottery in Ban Thahine: Families in Ban Thahine perform all stages of the pottery making process from collecting the earth to burning and glazing the vases. The process can be observed by visitors.

Champassak Province

Elephant Sculptures in Ban Kiet Ngong: Ban Kiet Ngong Village , popular for its elephant rides and treks to Phou Asa mountain, makes small carvings and sculptures of elephants and other pieces for sale to visitors.

Fish Baskets in Ban Mai Singsamphan: Ban Mai Singsamphan, a fishing village located at the bottom of the beautiful Khong Mountain ('Fish Basket' mountain) inside the Phou Xieng Thong National Protected, makes fish baskets which can be alternatively used as containers, vases and decorations.

Giant Fish Trap on Don Daeng Island : Don Daeng Island , located across the Mekong River from the ancient Vat Phou temple, is regionally famous for its giant fish trap.

Mut Mee Weaving in Ban Saphai: Ban Saphai, historically the weaving capital of Champassak and largest producer of traditional Lao skirts (sin), is today the center of trade in Lao skirts and textiles in the region

Silk Weaving on Don Kho: Don Kho is one of the most important places for traditional silk weaving in Champassak Province , if not the southern region of Laos , and creates spectacular patterns such as the Moon pattern.

Weaving in Ban Phia Fai: Ban Phia Fai village (also known as Pathoumphone) in Champassak Province is known for its unique patterned weavings, including the mak chap thaeo pattern, mak chap waan pattern and the nok khu pattern.

Wood & Stone Sculptures in Ban Nong Bueng: Wooden and stone sculptures of varying sizes and shapes are produced by hand in this ethnic Ta Oy village, Ban Nong Beung.


Khammouane Province

Bamboo Mouse Traps of Ban Phalem: For those taking the spectacular two-day trek through the Phou Hin Poun National Protected Area arranged by the Provincial Guide Service Unit, check out some of the unique crafts made from bamboo and natural materials in Ban Phalem village (where you stay overnight).

Cotton Weaving & Crafts near Kong Lor Cave : The two villages, Ban Natan and Ban Kong Lor located on either ends of the amazing 7.5 km long Kong Lor Cave in Khammouane Province , produce handmade cotton weavings and bamboo crafts.

Handmade Incense in Nakhangxang Village : Nakhangxang Village , located near the famous Buddha Cave (Tham Pa Fa) with over 200 bronze Buddha images, is a major producer of handmade incense ordinarily sold religious pilgrims visiting the cave daily.


Luang Namtha Province

Akha Clothing and Vine String Shoulder Bags: Ban Nammat Mai, an Akha village in Luang Namtha district, produces elaborate traditional Akha costumes by hand as well as unique vine string shoulder bags.

Hmong Bags in Ban Nam Hoi: Ban Nam Hoi, a small Hmong village located in the Luang Namtha Valley , produces small bags convenient for carrying money, small books, and water bottles.

Hmong 'Kaen' (flute) & Traditional Hmong Clothing: The traditional Hmong flute, called the 'kaen' in Lao, is typically used in New Year's celebrations and funeral ceremonies and can be found handmade in Ban Tha Luang village in Vieng Phoukha District.

Khmu Handicrafts in Vieng Phoukha: Many Khmu villages in Vieng Phoukha District produce a variety of unique handicrafts, including shoulder bags, baskets, bamboo items and traditional clothing.

Lanten Crafts in Luang Namtha: The Lanten people of Luang Namtha Province produce a variety of unique handicrafts including natural paper, traditional outfits, shoulder bags, jewelry, masks and others.

Muang Sing Handicraft Market: The Muang Sing Handicraft Market offers a variety of locally produced handicraft by Tai Dam (Black Tai), Hmong and Akha ethnic people from nearby villages.

Tai Daeng Silk Production and Weaving in Ban Piengnam: Ban Piengnam, a Red Tai (Tai Daeng) village in Luang Namtha district, produces raw silk and makes a variety of handmade silk and cotton products.

Tai Dam Silk Production and Weaving in the Luang Namtha Valley: Tai Dam Villages of in the Luang Namtha Valley produce high quality handmade silk and textiles, which are sold throughout Laos and the region.

Yao Handicrafts: The Yao Women's Handicraft Association of Muang Sing produces a variety of traditional Yao handicrafts, including natural paper, Yao hats, and traditional women's head cloths and clothing.


Luang Prabang

Basketry in Muang Ngoi Kao: Muang Ngoi Kao, a relaxing village destination in the Luang Prabang Province , produces many interesting baskets and handicrafts.

Caruso Lao: This gallery has a variety of high quality handicraft products including home furnishings and decorations, textiles and antiques.

Luang Prabang Night Market: The Luang Prabang Night Market is perhaps the most extensive collection of handicrafts for sale in the country, with a wide variety of textiles, clothing, carvings, basketry, quilts, and much more.

Mr Bounma's Bamboo Crafts in Ban Som: Mr. Bounma, a villager of Ban Som in Chomphet District, Luang Prabang Province , is one of the finest basket weavers in the region, and makes a variety of products for sale to both local people and tourists.

Ock PopTok: A gallery in Luang Prabang town that designs and weaves contemporary Lao textiles, including home furnishings, scarves, skirts, ties and array of fabrics.

Pottery in Ban Chan: Ban Chan produces a variety of clay pottery including vases, flower pots, figurines, urns and more.

Satri Lao Silk: Luang Prabang's most prestigious shop featuring a fine collection of textiles including new and antique silks, jewellery, home furnishings and ethnic antiques.

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre: The Museum Shop sells unique handicrafts directly from ethnic minority communities, including clothing, baskets, textiles, toys, and jewellery. 50% of the income goes back to the ethnic artisans themselves, who are primarly women.



Caruso Lao: This gallery has a variety of high quality handicraft products including home furnishings and decoratons, textiles and antiques.

Couleur d’Asie: Understated elegance and contemporary style define these new collections, which celebrate the meeting of East and West. With her workshop of local Lao weavers and dyers, Viviane Inthavong proudly creates traditional ethnic textiles with a contemporary flair.

Lao Textiles: Carol Cassidy's Lao Textiles workshop, studio and gallery creates woven art. Specializing in 100 percent hand-woven silk, Carol and the 40 Lao artisans she employs produce exquisitely crafted wall hangings, scarves, shawls and custom furnishing fabrics.

Mixay Boutique: A boutique handicraft gallery with an aim to sustain and promote Lao artistic tradition so that everyone can enjoy it.